Monday, December 10, 2012

So That's What a Day Looks Like...

...when I get everything I need to do, done.

I am trying to be more disciplined, but also kinder to myself. A favorite pasttime of mine (well, not "favorite;" "frequent," perhaps.) is beating myself up for failing to complete my objectives for the day. I'm lazy; I'm disorganized; I'm easily distracted. That's how the self-talk goes. I may be all of those things, but I also have a shit-ton of work to do, and some days it just doesn't all get done. Yesterday it did, and it looked like this:
  • After coffee and a blog post, I spent the morning in my studio, throwing perfume bottles and coffee jars, and putting handles on mugs.
  • From noon to three, errands: books back to the library (walking, because sunshine and activity are important to combat SAD); checks to the bank; Goodwill and Michael's for some Christmas shopping; and finally Planet Fitness. 
  • Back home, I mailed out the bills that the aforementioned checks were able to cover, and sorted the rest. 
  • The grocery store was next; crowded because it was a weekend, but it needed to be done. Then I made dinner.
  • I spent a bit more time in the studio, smoothing things and straightening, but nothing was dry enough to work on yet, so I just got things ready for today. 
  • Finally I went to bed - with my laptop. I watched a bunch of Kickstarter videos to get a sense of them, and read all the guidelines. I even wrote the first few lines of my own Kickstarter project, and a rough budget for it. A friend and fellow potter once told me that begun is half done.
From 6:30 am to 10:30 pm, I worked. Some home-work, some work-work, but all work. News flash, from me to me: that's not what lazy looks like.


Quietly Otaku said...

Great to hear that you're getting on track with a more focused approach to the day to day business!

Lori Watts said...

Yeah, but 16 hours! Whoa.