Sunday, December 9, 2012

First Night & More

We had a great turn out for the Holiday Pottery Shop's opening night, and did quite well in the bargain! I was surprised that almost sale was a mug, or at least included a mug.

The next day I combed through my bins, looking for good mugs, because that's what Gardiner wants! In other news, I started the new year early: all the pots I am making now will not be fired until January. I feel like I make some of my best work this time of year, when the pressure is off and I can make anything I feel like, and take however long it takes. Here was yesterday's production:

I see vertical stripes in the future.

I used to make a point to choose something new to learn every year; cheesecake one year, skiing another, until juggling defeated me (no, I can't even juggle scarves.) But this year I am pursuing a skill that has been tempting me for a long time: soap-making. I always thought it was messy and expensive, but I have been finding easy recipes, even some you can do it the crockpot. Soap seems to twang on the same string of the magic twanger that candy and confections do: beauty and sweetness and self-love. But much better for you, and you can sell your extras! Maybe. If they don't suck.

Planning to try this, perhaps before Christmas. I learned a lot in 2012, but there's always room for one more thing.

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