About Me

Lori Keenan Watts (aka me) is a potter, gardener, and avid reader from Augusta, Maine.Though I started my university education in surface design for fabric, clay quickly grabbed me by the heart and redirected my creative impulses. I have been a potter for over 25 years -- hard to believe. The most valuable years of my ceramic education were spent in graduate study at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville, under the tutalage of Dan Anderson and Paul Dresang
My aesthetic is guided by my love of the material itself. What fascinates me and makes a pot compelling for me is the clay-ness of clay: the squooshiness that becomes the  adamantine solidity. I also like patterns, unexpected proportions, and when the flame comes along and dissolves part of my careful decorating efforts! I am obstinate about this aesthetic, to a point which might be called pig-headed, but hey, if you don't like what you make, why bother? 
My happy little family also includes my husband, musician and photographer (and author of the book Alewife) Doug Watts; five cats; and two turtles, all foundlings and rescues of one stripe or another. 

You can email me at info@finemesspottery.com, though I admit I am not the best at responding in a timely manner; just fair warning.  
Thanks for reading!