Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Whole Lot of Making Going On

In the yard, the kiln is firing, finally, after I loaded it last week and then discovered I didn't have enough propane to fire it. It's been long enough that I can't quite remember everything that's in there, so was pleasantly surprised when I looked in the spy t o recognize a platter - I can actually see the glaze trailed design. I tried to take a photo but all my attempts are orange blurs. But it was cool, take my word for it.

In the studio, I'm working on perfume bottles. It's been years since I made perfume bottles; I'd forgotten how much I love them. I think I stepped away from them, not entirely consciously, because I couldn't sell them for what I need to get to make the work worthwhile. It's very discouraging to make what you know are good pots, that you then have to sell for a song, or not at all. So my recent decision to seek higher end venues has had an immediate and beneficial creative result. I also have coffee jars and vegetable steamers drying, and more cake stands on deck.

In the kitchen, I am making candy! Tomorrow is the opening night of Portland Pottery's annual Holiday Show and Sale, and I've volunteered to bring chocolate-dipped pretzels. (Also to be the bartender, but that is because I am so awkward at parties, and having a job makes it easier.)I was thinking I would make extra batches to give as gifts, but...nah. I really enjoyed making the first batch, but now I'm done with them. Unlike pottery, once a year is plenty of candy-making for me.

And in my head? I can't stop making soap. I suspect it will be a candy-like experience, and once it's done and the urge is satisfied, I won't want to do more; but who knows? What I know is I want to now. In classic fashion I have no interest in an easy melt-and-pour version, oh hell no. It's palm oil and lye and waiting for trace and all that other rigamarole, or bust. It's probably too late to make Christmas gifts, but I am right on time for Valentine's Day!

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thegaylery said...

Love the perfume bottles. You have got me thinking about soap-making now. It goes wonderfully with pottery. You are one busy lady!