Saturday, December 1, 2012

Loading in the First Snow

When I was a student, loading in the snow felt authentic. Dedicated. I am trying to recapture that feeling tonight, but so far I am just being reminded what a pain in the ass it is when the wads freeze to the kiln shelves. The rule for winter loading is: "Get it right the first time," because if you have to relocate a piece after it has frozen in place, even money says you are going to lose a wad and have to unload a ton more frozen-in-place pieces to find it, or else just shrug and consign that one to its fate, and whatever mug (if you're lucky) it is destined to ruin.

If you look close - here, I'll help... can see the mug of hot water I always keep with me when loading in the winter, to warm my hands as much as anything. It's also nice to keep from getting so chilled that I shiver.
Anyway! Break's over. My butt is kicked and I'd love to put this off until tomorrow, but every December day counts for seven regular days. You've heard of dog years? December is a dog month, in business terms.

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Michèle Hastings said...

Oh how I don't miss loading a kiln in the freezing cold, snowy winters of New Hampshire. North Carolina weather is much easier to take... 63 degrees here today. No regrets about making the move in 2010.