Friday, April 30, 2010

I Hate Teapots

Well...hate is a strong word. And I don't hate teapots so much as I hate making teapots. Other people's teapots can be quite delightful. And, since it's just you and me, I'll admit: I hate teapots for the same reason I used to hate lids and handles, many years ago. I just didn't do enough of them, so I wasn't very good at them. Any of my students will gladly tell you my stand on handles now: Anything that is good without a handle is better with a handle. And making lids gives me joy, because lidded pots are so very useful , but also just because I feel good at it. I have a facility with the form that allows me to relax and enjoy the process.

So, the real problem is that I only make teapots once a year. And that time is upon us! Portland Pottery's Annual Teapot show is opening Friday May 7th, from 6-9. There will be lots of wonderful pieces by lots of wonderful artists; door prizes; and guests can vote on their favorite teapot.

In preparation for this event, I took a quick tour of the teapots that have ended up as garden sculpture, due to stuck-down lids, cracked bottoms, funky spouts, or general disfunction. Most are mine, but a couple were donated by a student. BTW -- not that I wish ill fortune on anyone's efforts -- but there is always a home in my garden for any teapot whose original calling does not work out. I love teapots!