Sunday, December 16, 2012

Pots from the Firing

I wasn't up to drag out the whole photo set up, but I snapped a few pics out on the deck before packing these pots up to their destinations; most of these will be going to either the Portland Pottery Cafe, Kennebec River Artisans, or the Holiday Pottery Shop.

I also had some simple ornaments in the kiln; some came out as intended, sort of vanilla-nutmeg, like sugar cookies; while others came out so gray and ugly and unfestive it was comical:  ♪ Deathstar of Wonder, Star of blight...♫ A funny thing about those gray stars, though: tactilely, they are wonderful - they almost feel like suede. 

Otherwise, I seem to have photographed all shino pots. Other glazes did well, also, but the shinos were especially fine. The photos don't quite do justice to the small vegetable steamer, that veritably sparkles IRL.

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- Cindy - said...

If you advertise them as deathstar ornaments and put that little jungle with them, I'm sure they'll sell. I mean, I certainly want one now. :)