Thursday, June 20, 2013

Vivika's Strawberry

Vivika’s Strawberry (^10)
15.93 Gerstley Borate
9.63 Dolomite
2.77 Whiting
44.06 Custer Feldspar
1.84 EPK/Kaolin
27.7 Flint
3.07 Tin Oxide
1.02 Copper Carbonate

I've been looking for this glaze for a long while - years. I used to use it, then I lost it, then I found it again, then I lost it, and no amount of Google-fu would bring it back to me. Well, my student and friend Joanna Skolfield of Blarney Stone Pottery located it for me; her google-fu may be better than mine, but in my defense, it was posted only three months ago - long aftr I gave up looking. She found it at the Glazebook Tumblr, which you should check out.  

It may not be well-suited for soda but it is that rarity: a true pink in ^10 reduction - but only on white claybodies, and not all of them. I will add it to the growing list of glaze conversions to ^6, but here it is in its original form for all of you, and so that I will never lose it again.


Lori Buff said...

It's pretty, I can see why you were searching for it.
Thanks for the link the glaze book, that will be really handy.

Barbara Rogers said...

I'm going to pass along the link to the glaze book, tho it only has 2 cone 6 recipes. Can't wait to see what you come up with!