Friday, June 21, 2013

Like A Good Neighbor

I saw this and thought immediately of my neighbor, the one who called the fire department on my firing; who now thinks I am cool and comes over to drunkenly blather at me whenever she sees me working out in the kiln yard. That's better than her hating me I guess. I learned that calling 911 seems to be a hobby of hers; she recently called to report cats fighting in the parking lot of her building, and again about another neighbor walking his dog too close to her windows and upsetting her cat.

I am trying to be compassionate, as she clearly has a problem with alcohol. It would be easier, however, if she'd stay over there.


smartcat said...

You need the 'welcome mat' that says GO AWAY!!!

ShellHawk said...

My cousin is dealing with a crazy, stalker neighbor, too. I told her to tell her neighbor, "I'm sorry I can't talk right now. I'm working from home today."

Not that it will work. People like that are often clueless.

Lori Buff said...

I'm still laughing about the picture. Sorry about your neighbor but thank you for the laugh.