Saturday, June 1, 2013

Remember the 80s?

Not the decade...I'm talking the 80s Fahrenheit. Here in Maine we went straight from 60º to 90º+, and let me tell you, I deserve some kind of medal for working right through it. Or maybe a tiara, because I am sweating like a princess, here.

This morning, before it was too beastly, I brought all my greenware down into the kilnshed, from where I will load the kiln later tonight. I've also been making teapots and lidded jars, and slip trailing everything in sight.

My studio is in a former attic space, which some prior owner raised the roof on. It has only one north-facing window, and for once this is a plus! The studio stayed tolerable for most of the afternoon. But now it's 4 pm, the hottest part of the day, and I am taking a break until evening, when I will load the kiln.

For now, enjoy a little song that seems from our missing 80s:

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smartcat said...

Maine weather has always stuck me as odd. One minute you are freezing; a few hours later you are broiling and shedding layers like leaves.

Nice that you have a reasonably cool studio to work in. It sounds like you are flat out.

I received my Kickstarter thank you card today. Thanks, it's going in a little frame.