Sunday, March 24, 2013

Straight Up Studio Day!

I'm giving myself a gift today: I am going to spend the entire day in the studio, making, trimming, handling, decorating. This has become something of a rarity for me, as I work to organize the Maine Pottery Tour and to drum up support for my Kickstarter campaign (the experience of which, succeed or fail, will eventually be a blog post of its own.) So, today, no phone calls, no email, no Facebook. And errands and housecleaning are right out. Just clay. (Okay, maybe a little yoga.)

Though my attention has been divided, I have managed to get a few things made. Here are some leatherhard casserole dishes that will hopefully be dry enough for the next bisque.

I am trying to restrain myself with the stamping and slip decorating, to leave some space for the glaze to be wonderful. In terms of shape, I like the third one down the best; it seems the most graceful.

Today will be smaller things: mugs and ice cream bowls and finishing up some butter dishes. I'm turning off the computer now! Type to you tomorrow.


DirtKicker Pottery said...

Lori, those are beautiful. I like how you continued the decorative detail on to the lids.

Donna said...