Saturday, March 30, 2013

Pillow Soap Dishes

I’m always looking for small items to tuck in the small spaces in the kiln between larger things. Pendants, refrigerator magnets, and buttons fill this bill nicely, but now that I’ve adopted soap making as a hobby, dishes to hold said soap seem like a natural. Obviously there are many ways to make soap dishes, and I have a few online now, but while playing around I came up with a quick way to a really appealing, pillowy shape. 

First I throw a cylinder without a bottom. It can be just a tallish mug shape, but the larger the diameter of the ring, the more dishes you are going to get. The height of the ring will be the length of the soap dish, and a soap dish that’s almost big enough is like underpants that are almost big enough: irritating. Pull it taller than you need, because it’s going to shrink (thanks Captain Obvious) and also because the next step is going to make it shorter. 


With a rib outside and my fingertip inside, I stretch the outward in three places, so it’s a cylinder with three bulging bands.


Using my wire tool, I cut the cylinder into lengths of about 5 inches. If I’ve made a mug-shape, that will be in half.

Soon after removing from the wheel, roll the cut ends under, with the outer surface becoming the top.

Voila! Pillow soap dishes! The ridges raise the soap up so it doesn't get gloppy.

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Nancy Blokland said...

too cute! love it for filling the kiln and soap is a hot item!

smartcat said...

This one's a keeper! Thanks for sharing your method.

barefootedwanderer said...

I stumbled across your blog today, It is wonderful!

I mentioned to one of my colleagues that "I'm falling in love with this person's artistic style..." I earned a couple goofy looks from the statement. But ultimately they understood what I meant.

I am a ceramics teacher and will definitely be sharing this site with my students.

PS: Your pillow soap dishes are great!