Saturday, March 2, 2013

Start Kicking, Any Minute Now

My wheels turn ever so slowly, but they do indeed turn. More than a year after I first decided to create a Kickstarter proposal, I've finally finished the video. The project is not live yet, because I need to wait for Amazon to verify my bank account ( I thought I already did that, a long time ago, but whatever.)

A few notes about the experience:
  • Before I make another video, I've got to find better software. I used Window Movie Maker, which froze up every few seconds. I'm not exaggerating, sometimes it would not be open a full minute before it froze up. Aggravating? Why yes; yes it was. I had to "save" after every action, because the program might stop responding at any moment. This is the software that came with my laptop, which I hoped would be sufficient for my needs -  I ain't Spielberg, I was mostly just looking to make YouTube demos. It's not meant for pros, but even a toy version ought to function better than that. I kept sending error reports, which I think Microsoft invites you to do just so you can feel like you told them off.Next time maybe I'll try Loopster, a free online video editor.
  • This video took over a year from conception to completion only because I was intimidated to start. Once I got past that, I had to climb over a latent perfectionism - good thing that's not my ususal mode, because man, what an obstacle that it!  There are a few flaws[*cough*backgroundnoise*cough*] but I decided that it's more important to have it done than to have it done perfectly.
  • I am using a borrowed video camera: a Sony Handycam. Boy do I love this device. It was so simple to use. I notice you can buy a used one on Amazon for $165. That's almost in reach...but not today.
I'm pretty excited about this. Obviously I'll post the link when the project is live!

PS: While I was playing around, I found out how to use Picasa to make a slide show:

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