Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Yeah, More Snow

The kiln yard, from my studio window
My foul-weather friend
Because you haven't seen enough snow photos this week. This was how the kiln yard looked before the most recent blizzard, which we got yesterday; I haven't even looked out there this morning. You probably can't even see the kiln!

I've postponed the firing I was planning to do this week. There's no urgency about it, so why kill myself?

Shoveling, now: that's a different story. There is indeed urgency about shoveling, which I am procrastinating even as I type. I need to get to Portland this afternoon, to teach my classes! We've had to cancel several classes, so I'll be in Portland more than usual over the next few days, to teach the make-ups. I shudder to think what parking will be like.

I'm the first one to say, we live in Maine. Snow happens. But damn: maybe snow could not happen, for a week or two? Just until we figure out what to do with the snow we've already got?

Alright, putting my boots on. It ain't gonna shovel itself.

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Tracey Broome said...

Ugh, poor you! We love Maine, but in February it sure is nice to live down south :)