Saturday, February 28, 2015

On Second Thought...

While scraping and grinding kiln shelves, I turned on a burner to melt the snow out of the kiln. I bricked up the door to hold the heat in a bit, so the burner could do its job; and in doing so I was reminded: my castable blocks are in rough shape.

I've got a pail of refractory cement right here, and a trowel; I guess now is as good a time as any to make these repairs. It feels like I just did this, but actually it's been three years or so. It's gritty messy work, but kind of satisfying in a way. Leaves me feeling like I dun good. And bricking up will be so much easier when its done.

Since I am doing gritty messy work today, I might as well add "mix up door mud" to the list.

It doesn't change my firing schedule, because I can squeeze loading, candling, and firing the bisque into one day if necessary.

ETA: Yeahno. It's 10 degrees outside; if I wait until Wednesday I can load in 46 degrees. Call me a big baby, but I'm holding off. 

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