Thursday, February 12, 2015

My Cup Sale Contribution

Have I mentioned I am going to NCECA? Oh. Well, I have I mentioned the NCECA annual cup sale? It supports the NCECA Fund for Artistic Development - scholarships, residencies, fellowships, shit like that. It's also it's own kind of awesome, walking in to the Hall of Cups (I just made that up, but that should be the official name of it) full of cups and mugs from NCECA members, the famous and the obscure alike.

In the obscure category, here's the cup I am planning to donate:

In addition to just being a nice thing to do, each donated cup will be considered for a “Cups of Merit” Commission Award, and each on-site donation get the donor an extra NCECA 2016 Conference/Membership drawing ticket in addition to the ticket in the conference packet.

So, pretty much all around awesome. 

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Linda Starr said...

oh my word I love that first cup