Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Twelve Days of Crazy

♫ On the Eighth Day of Crazy, my to-do list said to me:
Get cards at the printers
Unload workshop kiln
Pack up all the pots

Clean up pots at home, price-and-pack, deliver to their stores,
and don't forget to mow the lawn. ♫

♫On the ninth day of crazy my to-do list said to me
Do the grocery shopping
Change out all the bedding
Run a load of laundry
Vacuum all the rugs
Clean the turtle tank
Photocopy maps
Demos at the school,

And don't forget a Mother's Day card!♫

♫ On the tenth day of crazy my to-do list says to do
Set up all the shelves
Get some bubble wrap
Grind and price the pots
Dig out all the bags
Don't forget the change
Carry wheel outside
Put it in the shed
Clean the studio
And don't forget to cover the bowls!♫

♫On the eleventh day of crazy my to do list says to me
Big Sale is today
Blow up the balloons
Carry out the signs
Change my Paypal settings
Spiffy up the yard
Make a bunch of coffee
Sell a bunch of pots
I sure hope
Demos on the wheel
Then don't forget to bring the wheel in.♫

♫On the twelfth day of crazy my to-do list said to me
Mom and sibs at noon
Big sale is today
Make up turkey burgers
Rearrange the pots
Make up yogurt parfaits
Put out all the signs
Carry out the wheel
Sell a bunch of pots
I sure hope
Hang out with the fam
And don't forget to bring it all in.♫

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