Saturday, May 4, 2013

Fewer Words, More Photos

After running the first half of the soda fire workshop at Watershed all day today, then coming home to unload my own kiln tonight, it's fair to say my butt is kicked - and I haven't even scooped the litterboxes yet! So I'm not gonna write much, except that I thought the glazing & loading went well, and students were telling me they were learning a lot, so that's all good.

Last night was the opening of Portland Pottery's 16th Annual Teapot Show, and 3 of my student won prizes! So proud. Here are some pics of the prize winners:

From the top: Catherine Rehbein (oops not sure), Christopher Cooper, Maureen Renner, and Rich Green all won prizes, in addition to the People's Choice winner, which I failed to get  photo of! Cooper's not my student, but a friend and a damn fine studio manager.

I unloaded my own kiln tonight, in part because a few of my kiln shelves are Advancers, and they seem to scrape more cleanly and easily the sooner I do them; but also because if I didn't do it tonight, I would have had to wait until Wednesday for a free minute - and who could stand that? I'm delighted with the firing for lots of reasons, not least that I lost only two ice cream bowls to glaze flaws and kiln mishaps. That's got to be a record! For me anyway. Here's how it looked part way out:
Onward! We'll fire the workshop kiln tomorrow, unloading Wednesday; and then my mind is on the Maine Pottery Tour - and delivering these pots to their various destinations.

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