Saturday, May 11, 2013

Big Day!

I kicked my own butt yesterday, weeding, mulching, and mowing to get the garden ready for visitors - and then it was time to start working - setting up the tables and ware for the start of the Maine Pottery Tour today. My good friend Karen Discenso will be joining me today. We'll carry the wheel outside - Karen has a canopy, so, whatever, weather! Do your worst! Wait, no, not your worst.

I still need to price everything, and Doug is putting out some pots, too (so I hope he wakes up soon.)

If you'd like to come visit me or the other studios taking part in the tour, you can download a PDF of the map here


Tracey Broome said...

Best wishes for a pretty day and LOTS of sales!!!

smartcat said...

Toes crossed for many sales and visitors!

Barbara Rogers said...

Good luck on the weather...we had great weather and sold lots of pots (not mine, but another co-op member) to another vendor. Tailgate market crowd supports each other. SO, I'm hoping you have lots of sales. Is it all weekend?

Unknown said...

I hope the rain passed you by and that you had a very successful business day!