Sunday, April 1, 2012

Notes on the Firing

Um, what happened here? The shelf - a silicone carbide, the kind which are recommended for salt and soda - sort of melted into a crusty foam, at one corner. The bottom surface just disintegrated, peeled away, and destroyed four otherwise very nice mugs. The kiln gods work in mysterious ways, I suppose, and I am not complaining about an otherwise perfect firing, but dang! It would be nice to know, what, exactly happened here, because until I do, who's to say that it couldn't just happen again? I had already packed up most of the work for its various destinations - Kennebec River Artisans, Summer Island Studios, and Bay View Company - before I remembered to take photos, but here are a few pieces.

The shots are dark, because my daylight conditions are not ideal, and this is sort of a drive-by post - I'm on my way to meet the lovely ladies (so far, we're all ladies) of the Maine Pottery Tour.

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Michelle in Saskatoon said...

Just hello, since I've been reading your blog for a little while and enjoy it quite a bit, and I use your links to other clay blogs-- I didn't want to be a lurked forever! Michelle