Sunday, April 29, 2012

It Was the Best of FIrings, It Was the Worst of Firings

That pretty much says it. I got some lovely pieces out - most of the big pieces, yay - but there was a full shelf above the bag wall that was a little dry. And by "a little dry," I mean "fish-belly white." I mean, "makes Casper the Friendly Ghost look swarthy." I mean like this:

I may have over-used the passive dampers; a little more soda or a little salt would have helped, too.

BUT. Not to focus on the negative: lots of goodies in here, too. The wax trick seems to have worked its magic again, although still no clue why. All of the teapots were successful, all of the casserole dishes, most of the mugs. A lid glazed down on one of the honey jars, and though unsticking lids is my superpower - ask my students  - this one was well and truly adhered, with an inch-wide glaze bond.

I've spent most of the day out in the not-quite-warm sunshine, buffing the bottoms of ware with a Kemper stick and steel wool. I've missed my brief window for photographing the pieces; I'll take a few shots tomorrow. You can help me decide which teapot to enter in Portland Pottery's Annual Teapot Show!

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Unknown said...

Lori- the teapots are stunning!! I drool with envy :)
I like the one with the purple dots, second in from the right of the kiln.