Wednesday, April 11, 2012

It's Teapot Day!

It's that highly unusual event, rare as papal elections or the transit of Venus. That would be, the day when I actually feel like making teapots!

Part of what stops me from enjoying teapot-making is ADD: there are so many fiddly little steps to them, by the time they are ready to be assembled, I no longer feel like making teapots. I have solved part of the problem by employing a rubbermaid container from my kitchen: I can, at least throw the spouts while I'm still enamored with the process, without having them dry out too much to use. I will also lay out a sheet of plastic and pull some long handles, and cover it with another sheet, so the handles will be firming up while the bodies dry, also.

I've got a guest artist visit this afternoon at UMA - just a few miles from my house - so by the time I get back, maybe these will be ready to assembled.

There's kind of a funny story about how I came to be inspired to make teapots today, but I haven't got time (got handles to pull! :) ) but I'll relate it when I show you how these turn out.

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