Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Loading the Kiln in Late April

There is a certain joy to loading in the spring: it's neither too warm nor too chilly. I can hear the distant hum of my neighbor's lawnmower, and a pair of cardinals calling out to each, over and over again: "My territory! Fuck off!"

After our recent much-needed and copious rain, you can almost watch the plants grow.

I've had some bad luck this week, of the automotive variety: the phrase "car trouble" is nearly redundant at my house, so closely are the two associated. But like most things, it all turned out okay, or will, very soon. I was in a deep funk over it yesterday, but then my students made me laugh in spite, and broke the evil spell.

And, really, who cares? That's why God made credit cards: so you can get your car fixed, and then load a kiln with pots to sell, to pay for it.

This kiln will unload on Sunday the 29th. Some of the pots are heading for Bayview COmpany in Saco, and some will stay right here for the Maine Pottery Tour & Sale.

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