Saturday, February 27, 2010

Pots from Sunday's Firing

I took these rather hurriedly yesterday, as it was nearly 4 pm and I was losing my light. Overall I was pleased with the firing, especially the reds. My rutile blues were a little puny -- the glaze had frozen and thawed, and I should have added a little vinegar before use. In fact I did add a little vinegar halfway through glazing, and I can definitely see which pots were glazed before, and which after! Vinegar is a flocculent, which means it causes particles to stay in suspension longer, and will have the effect of making glaze seem thicker, although there is there same proportion of material to water.

Some of these pots are destined for Attrezzi; some for KRA and other consignment; and one I owe to my sister, since last summer. But some will find their way to my new 1000 Markets online shop! (I just never give up -- moron that later.)


Sue Pariseau Pottery said...

Love the red. What a great color.

Anonymous said...

Really nice work on your pottery. Congratulations on the new outlets. I am bookmarking your blog. Nice.