Sunday, February 28, 2010

Liveblogging the Great Clean Up!

Well, sort of.  Blogging as I go, anyway. 

My studio is splashed all over with dry glaze and littered with dirty brushes and tubs. (Can't wait until summer when I can again glaze on the deck, and clean up with a hose!) Every surface in my dining room is covered with pottery waiting for a home! It's time to take a day away from making and selling and just start straightening things up. I am not the neatest person in the world -- maybe not even in the top ten - but mess does bother me, and I can't concentrate with my house looking like this.

So, first order of business: sort pots. At least half of these belong to a wholesale order. Others go to various consignment locations. I need to get those marked and packed, so I know what's left. Off to do that. 

This is more complicated than it seems. Each consignment location has an inventory form, and they prefer that the inventory lists be presented on their own form. If it were up to me I wouldn't bother with the forms at all, as I trust in the good intentions of all concerned. But they want it all documented, as it protects them, too. In fact I did have a far-away consignment outlet to which I sent much more inventory than I ever received payment for, and they were asking for more; which is why I don't do far away consignment anymore. That, and sometimes getting nailed for return shipping as well! But anyway, I am now trying to dig out all of the appropriate forms. Arrgh! I need a printer. The I could just keep an electronic copy of each, and let Mr. iMac keep track of them for me. Isn't that what computers are for?

Finding these is turning into a dusty job. 

Alright, nevermind that, I'll just hand write them for now. Those can go to the car.

Which leaves me with the wholesale pieces. Those are easier, as I have a list right here to hand. Just gotta check 'em off & pack 'em up. Grab me a sticky label & a sharpie, and....done. 

Now I can see what inventory I have available to approach new locations, or to list on 1000 Markets. (Did I mention I opened a 1000 Market shop? Oh.) Not that much, actually, but I will take it down cellar (as we say in Maine; we also say "up attic" but mine is not easily accessible) to the overstock shelf. Here's my dining room, reclaimed. 

But that's the afternoon, nearly done, and Q still needs a walk. No wonder I never get anything done, it all just takes so long! I guess I will tackle the studio this evening. Or not.

And you thought a potter's life was all mud wrestling, and glamour.

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Sue Pariseau Pottery said...

I hate cleaning the studio, but one a year or so, it needs to be done. Okay it needs to be done more frequently but I can procrastinate with the best of them. Dining room looks good.