Sunday, November 22, 2009

What I Would be Making if I Weren't Shopping & Cleaning for the Holiday

There's nothing like not being able to get into the studio, to inspire clay ideas. I see this in brown stoneware, oval, about 10" high and soda fired; the spirals are a stamped design, perhaps with yelow or purple glaze "inlay." But I will also make it in B-mix, and leave the stamps natural. And vary the size and shape of the spirals. This is my carrot: when my chores are done, I get to go make these. The doodle is hanging on my computer to remind me.


That Lynn Girl said...

LOL Because you are sitting at your computer instead of doing chores? :-)
It's great, can't wait to see it in all its iterations.

Lori Watts said...

Lynn - Exactly!! Ever time I am tempted to wate time online (like, say, NOW) I am reminded what I will miss out on.

Linda Starr said...

My journal is filling up and I am half tempted to get some clay into my RV and make a few things, but then were will I dry it with 3 cats roaming around and it rocks every time we walk, I might just do it though. that is a good idea to have a sticky on the computer though as my megabytes are adding up quickly looking for a new place to move, have fun in the studio.