Friday, December 24, 2021

Things to Not Do in 2022

 Following up on my last post: in 2022, I might need a not-do list more than I need a to-do list. 

Things to not do in 2022: 

  1. Give anyone COVID. This is - obviously! - closely related to not getting COVID myself, but I am less worried about myself & more about elderly people, medically vulnerable people, little kids, and, yes, the unvaccinated. (People don't deserve to die for being gullible or stubborn.) 
  2. Twitter This is not so much a don't-do than a do-less. A lot less. While I have managed, via the Fitdesk, to transform my twitter time into workout time, it's still not great for my head. I don't want to give it up entirely - I follow a lot of people who break down the news of the day into understandable bits - but doomscrolling is a bad habit. 
  3. Vegetable Gardening? This is a toughie. Doug was originally the vegetable gardener - I'm more interested in perennials -  but he lost interest a few years after he built raised beds. The beds were already there, and it is a nice experience to walk out into the yard to pick tomatoes or peppers for a dish, so I kept it up. But it's either a lot of work or it looks like crap - I'm a visual person, I hate when things look like crap! - or, as last year, you get blight or something, in which case it's a lot of  work, looks like crap, and doesn't produce any tomatoes. I know now why people stick to lawns. 
  4. This one is really hard, & needs some thinking one but maybe...Art fairs?  When I lived in St. Paul, art fairs were my primary source of income. I have great memories of this - it was so exciting to pack for the show, to be on the road, not knowing what was going to happen. Setting up & selling are hard work, of course, but also very satisfying. Each fair had a community of people I only saw at art fairs. And then there's the counting of the money; back then I usually did well, & I would treat myself to dinner in the different city before driving home. Fun! But. Art fairs have changed, or I have, & my location - very far from any top-shelf fairs - has definitely changed. I have had mixed success at art fairs since moving to Maine, & a couple of outright flops. My display is in need of repair & refresh, which will cost some money, so it seems like a good time to think...maybe I just won't. 
There might be more don't-dos, I'm not sure! That's all for now/ 

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