Saturday, December 4, 2021


 I've been maintaining a pretty good attitude about the whole kiln/propane debacle, up until now anyway, but the frustration hit me all of a sudden, like a load of snow off a roof. It's been months. It's been one damn thing after another! According to the original plan I should have been firing my new kiln in July. 

I still don't know when it will happen. The window has passed for me to have a fun, enjoyable first firing, with a kiln opening event - it's well & truly winter in Maine now, I will be loading in the 28° weather, and shovelling out to unload. IF I'M LUCKY. I mean who the hell knows, maybe it will be fucking JUNE before the kiln is plumbed. OK, that's probably a bit of catastrophizing on my part but still. I don't know when it will happen. Nobody knows. 

Anyway, what's a blog for if you can't occasionally vent? 

I'm gonna go make some more pots that I have no way to fire. 

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