Sunday, May 7, 2017

Who's Afraid of a Little Rain?

We aren't Wicked Witches! We won't melt!
I actually already had my first three sales of the day - the first was at 10:01 am, before I had a chance to take down the tent walls. Promising!

It's 12:35 now. I've already had 12 visitors, and group made a purchase! Maybe the rain is a blessing.

2:30, still gangbusters!

5 pm, Very tired but happy. We had 26 visitors, many doing the tour, as opposed to just driving by & seeing signs, or coming by because they are friends. Almost everybody bought something, and everybody was interested to peer into the cooling kiln. I'm off the grab a burger & a brew at The Quarry Taproom, & grab my 10% off.

Day 2

Looks a little brighter, no sun yet but it's predicted. I can hardly wait to open the kiln! After peering in on & off all day yesterday with visitors, the suspense is killing me. The fluidity of the glazes & distribution of soda look good (based on the few inches I can see through the spy!) but of course I won't know until the door is down.

11:30 AM - Visitors, to help me unload the kiln!
Here goes:

Thanks, Bev & Vlad!

I'm quite delighted with the results of this firing - only two pots affected by the cone pack exlosion, both are still good enough to be seconds. Lots of great color, cone ten flatter than my fourteen-year-old self. More photos this week, when I have two minutes all in one place. 

I had a visitor from Tennessee! She has always wanted to try the potter's wheel, and I was able to oblige her:

There was live music, also, courtesy of Sonny Probe, AKA my dear husband Doug Watts.
I am hearing from several potters on the tour that this has been the best year yet! We've yet to break $800 (my best year) but have had the most visitors of any Tour yet. and there's still almost two hours to go! 

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