Monday, May 15, 2017

Blue and Russet Vase with Flowers

Click here to purchase this vase!
I while ago I did a step-by-step on a thrown and altered form that has been fascinating me for a little while now, but I think this is the first time I've shared a fired result. Everythign about this one hit the way I hoped it would - the soda distribution, the way the textures caught the glaze, just the joyousness of the thing. It's for sale, here.

As an aside, I have switched - mostly  - to Squaredup from paypal. It's cheaper, and I have the little swipe device, so I can use the same account for in-person sales as for web sales. Squareup also automatically deposits at the end of the business day (their business day, but whatev, they had to choose sometime) instead of making you log on and request your money. Listing items in my Square store is a little...non-intuitive, though. I have to list them in the library, then import them to the store, and only then can I do things like add a second or third photo. And I haven't found a way to just add a "square" button to pay, like paypal offers, to incorporate into my own website. So, not sure if I am done with paypal entirely. I'm interested to know what your experiences have been.


Linda Starr said...

Love the handles on the vase, I find those little handles make all the difference in being able to pick vases especially with flower in them. I have no idea how to even set up a store from my blog; maybe one of these days. Paypal has always been easy for me I prefer to use that for purchases rather than my credit card since there are so many hackers now a days.

Lori Watts said...

That is a good point - maybe people feel safer with the extra secure layer between them and some information thief!
Setting up the store on Squareup is not too hard but it took a while to figure out all the little steps - like, you can only get to THIS place from the ONE page, you can only edit SOME things from one page, and other things from a different page...It just doesn't seem to make sense. Once I learned, I could do it, but it's not a logical arrangement.

Or possibly I am just, well, not all that tech-y. It might be easier for someone else.