Friday, April 29, 2016

Loose Stack, Good Stack!

I decided to wait unloading the kiln until tomorrow morning, so I could do it as a Pottery Tour event, but I couldn't wait that long to take a peek; so peek I did. Looks good! Specifically, the soda vapor looks unusually evenly distributed.

You might remember that this load was stacked loosely, because I didn't have enough pots to stack it tightly. I also was taking the opportunity to test the theory that a loose stack might give me better soda distribution. It kind of looked like that is correct, so I posted it to the Soda & Salt Fire facebook group, and lo, turns out everybody, or almost everybody, already knew that! Well, that's me, always the last to know.

I'm kind of excited about this information, because it means that I can fire more often. I always feel guilty firing when the kiln is not packed solid, because I thought I was wasting propane heating up empty air. But it's not a waste if it gives me better pots.

So, hey, learning experience - in a good way, for a change!

If you are local to me, or want to hop a jet for Augusta, ME (we do have an airport) come visit me for the Pottery Tour tomorrow. I'll be unloading the kiln early, because I can hardly wait to see the rest!


smartcat said...

It looks terrific.
Wish I could be there!

Lori Watts said...

Me too! I was a good day, looking forward to another one tomorrow.