Thursday, March 22, 2012

♫ Glazin' Pots in the Hot Sun... ♪

I keep humming to the tune of I Fought the Law.

Maine is having the most amazing, record-breaking warm spell. Though intellectually this worries me for Al-Gore-related reasons, I can't help but enjoy it today. Anyway, doggedly refusing to enjoy it has not been proven an effective way to combat global climate change. It's just upwards of 80 today, and I've reconstituted the glaze pavilion. Probably I will have to move back inside in a week or so, when we get back to seasonal temps, but it's worth it.

I have glazed maybe half of the 100 mugs, and a few casseroles and bowls. I may not get a kiln load finished today - I am making a point not to hurry, but just to take whatever time is needed to make each piece the pot it cries out to be. There will be lots of blue, purple, turquoise and white in this load: summer colors for a summer mood.
I was shooting for firing tomorrow, but I can already see that isn't going to happen. Saturday I have plans to visit Crafts Boston, so that makes Sunday the soonest the firing could occur. Luckily we are past the time when freezing might be a problem, so I can (hopefully) load tomorrow and be all ready to go for Sunday.

I better make cone packs! My oven broke so I can't quick-dry them if I forget.

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