Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Booth Layout

Yeah, this is what I did all day instead of loading the bisque. But hey! It's cold out there. And the day isn't over yet.
Yes it is. So here's a lesson: I wouldn't let myself do what I was really inspired to do - in this case, go buy a hot wire tool and build a practice pedestal - because I was supposed to load a bisque today. So, guess what, I ended up getting neither done!
But the booth design isn't (quite) nothing; it was work I was going to have to do eventually anyway. And I can load and fire the bisque all in one day anyway.


Unknown said...

Haha! This is exactly how I justify some of my not-so-productive days.
Very cool display. Where do you get the wavy shelves? Please post pics when it's done.

Elisabeth Allison said...

Second that! I'm struggling with those (booth) issues as well. Everything I come up with looks tacky..... I'm sure I missed getting into a show because my booth display sketch was too amateurish. I hope you post the next step soon!

Anonymous said...

It's the booth issue in part that keeps me selling from my porch rather than shows. In my prior career as a potter, I used folding units with glass shelves. These made a wall at the back or sides. I also made collapsible pedestals of luan plywood with crossed stretchers at the bottom and cloth covered tops with blocks on the underside corners to keep the tops of the pedestals open. The pedestals could be square or rectangular and of varying heights and were useful for box storage and so on. In fact, at street fairs I often left the inventory in the pedestals overnight rather than in the van.

Anonymous said...

Post Script to the above, the luan boxes were hinged 4 corners with wide (6") strips of canvas. They were easy to freshen up with pain on a roller, very light weight, and attractive.

Lori Watts said...

Thistle Bee: Where do I get the wavy shelves? Good question, that; one i haven't quite figured out yet. I suppose I will have to make them.