Sunday, March 25, 2012

American Craft Show NYC

Hey readers - Has anybody done this show? I am sorely tempted to throw prudence to the wind and start out (or, re-start, after 9 yrs away from art fairs) with this very high-end show. It has the advantage, for me, of not requiring that artists apply through Zapp, which would necessitate me buying or borrowing a better camera, or saving out pots to have a professional photographer shoot them; which, lucky me, there's a good one in Portland, around the corner from Portland Pottery, where i have to be a couple of days a week to teach my classes anyway. But if I can just choose the best from the shots that I take after each firing, that's one less obstacle. The application fee is only $25: very reasonable considering that I have seen fees of more than twice that for upscale shows. I think this is because it is still a relatively new show.

I kind of like, also, that there is no jewelry category for this show, and then I feel like a jerk for liking that. What, I'm afraid of the competition? Well, yes. Of course, it could cut both ways: jewelers always walk away with more money, but it's possible that their presence draws in people who would not otherwise attend. [Edit: Oops, I was wrong. There is in fact a jewelry category. Can't remember where I got the idea that there is not.]

Sometimes it's hard to discern between caution and timidity, except after the fact. The least expensive booth is around $1500, a pretty scary number for me, not to mention the cost of traveling to and staying in New York City; but I am ever-so-tired of doing almost well enough. Maybe it's time for a bold move.

All of this assumes that I can even get in, which is by no means a sure thing. Anyway: if you have feedback about the American Craft Show NYC, now would be a good time to share it. XO

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Elena Rosenberg Wearable Fiber Art said...

I came to your blog while googling for coverage of CraftBoston (where I was a first-time exhibitor this past weekend). I did the Am. Craft Show NYC last year. Please feel free to get in touch with my directly :)