Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome, 2011: Goal-setting for January

The promise of the coming year has me quite giddy; setting goals seems too earthbound, too mundane for a year of such magnificent potential. Nevertheless, like all things, magnificence is achieved with baby steps, and baby steps are what monthly goal-setting is all about. So:

1) Speaking of mundane, the first of my goals has to be to pay the nice folks at Augusta Fuel for the propane I burned during the three more-or-less unsuccessful firings. The December checks from my consignment outlets should cover this, but until it is out of the way, I can't do any more firing. But I can:

2)Make enough pots to fill a bisque. I already have enough bisqueware to fill a glaze firing, but I want to do a glaze first, and see how even it fires to 08.

3)Mix up 3 test glazes. Just because I am still tweaking the kiln doesn't mean experimentation should stop.

4) Here's the dreary part: I (or more likely, Doug, if I ask him really nicely) need to get up on the shed roof and remove two layers of brick from the stack. Then I need to raise the bag walls by two layers, or more (haven't decided.)

5) Glaze firing prior to the end of the month. Shooting for...Let's say the 21st.

I haven't yet completed my annual navel-gazing, during which I plan strategy for Fine Mess Pottery for the next annum. I don't expect it to reveal any surprises, as my path seems clear. That in itself is a good feeling.

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Patricia Griffin Ceramics said...

A clear path is good! Happy New Year!