Sunday, January 23, 2011

Topsy Wishes

When Doug & I got married in 2006, I sort of got my heart set on a topsy cake for our wedding. He didn't care much -- his wish was that our ceremony include a dip in the river, in our wedding finery, which he got. Also, he's not much of a one for sweets, although a bite of the wedding cake was all he did have to eat that day, as I recall. Anyway, the topsy cake turned out to be crazy expensive, considering our shoestring budget, and my practical side won out. Our cake was chocolate, and lovely, and quite delicious -- but I never forgot the wedding cake of my dreams.

Today I am on the studio making, among other things, cake stands. Topsy cake stands to be exact. 

So, let's see how that topsy thing is workin' out...Not that good, tell the truth! My first effort looks more like one of those novelty mugs reading "I got smashed on Bourbon Street!" or where ever. Not what I had in mind.

In my enthusiasm, I started too wet, and lost the freshness: an occupational hazard of altered work. Of all people I ought to know that clay is all about timing! Not that this one is a lost cause, I'll still tinker around with it, add the plate part, see what happens. but it's time to step back, do something else (I'm thinking, get a whoopie pie. I saw some double-chocolate ones at the grocery yesterday, and all this talk of cake...), and come back to the second one once it has firmed up a bit. 

So, this sort of turned into a live-blog. Live-blogging the cake stands! I like it. Back later with some better results. 


Unknown said...

Oh I love this idea... I look forward to seeing the finished pieces.

Liz said...

I too had a wedding cake let down. My Husband to be wanted chocolate cake. I thought that was a great idea. His mom insisted that it was impossible to decorate Chocolate, so we caved. On the day, the cake was beautiful, we went to do the ceremonial cutting and discovered.... it wasn't even cake. It was styro foam. The cake was precut on trays...could have been chocolate after all! your stands are very interesting, can't wait to see the finished product.