Sunday, January 17, 2010

Let's Go Bowling!

There is nothing like a deadline to push me out of navel-gazing mode and into production; and  everything on my production list today is bowls, bowls, bowls! The clock is ticking on a four-week deadline to complete my order for Attrezzi, and I promised Watershed 20 bowls for their Chowder Supper fundraiser. 

The Watershed Center holds an annual fundraiser serving various Maine chowders in handmade bowls. Buy the chowder, keep the bowl! They need hundreds, but I'm responsible only a few. The recession has hit Watershed hard, and they have had to discontinue the 9-month winter residency. On the upside, they have added an extra two-week summer session, and a six-week event to happen in the fall. Watershed has been a very important to me, so I'm happy to do my part in supporting it. I don't often have money to donate, but pottery? I can do that. 


Linda Starr said...

I love chowder.

Lori Watts said...

Oooo, me too! Clam Chowder is my favorite, with haddock a close second. I am a native Mainer, so we had homemade chowder often. Maine chowder differs from the versions I have had "away" in that it is less thick; thick chowder makes me think of baby food.

Sister Creek Potter said...

I've only had chowder in Maine--and I love it! I guess our version is chili! I should be making bowls now, also, for our "Empty Bowls" in May. It has gotten bigger and better each year. A good thing to do, especially now.