Friday, January 1, 2010

Goal Setting 2010

I feel like crap. Not literally crapulent, as I didn't drink much last night, being the designated driver, but I like typing the word.  I just feel the kind of head-achy and run down I always feel when I don't get enough sleep. I am blessed and cursed with an internal chronometer which does not allow me to sleep past 5:30, regardless of my bedtime. So my first resolution for the New Year is, get some damn sleep.

Beyond that, more of the same seems to be in order. It will take a continuing effort to prioritize studio work over dust-wildebeest-elimination and Harry-Potter-re-reading, but that effort proved worthwhile last year.  Some specific goals:

1) I have a connection to a Portland gallery that may be willing to mount a show of my sculptural work. Deadline for that prooposal is January 18, so I need toget cracking putting images together. 

2) I do seem to have a minor obsession with salt & pepper shakers lately. My history suggests that I may not remain obsesssed, but will probably always enjoy making them, so I am going to develop a wholesale line, just of S&P shakers, right now. They are small, and very easy and relaxing to make, and I get such joy out of the precious little finished products. Also, not many artists are making them; fewer still handmade from start to finish. 

3) The kiln! I haven't forgotten the kiln, though there will be no building on it until spring. I don't know if it will get done this year, either -- my house needs a roof. But I will continue to peck away at it, buying a hundred bricks here and a hundred there, unitl I have the materials amassed. 

4) Finally, hard head wins the day over magic beans; the IPTOG stays. I am making this a concious choice, as it still has a part to play in stabilizing our household income. I could feel myself drifting away from it, almost sabotaging myself at work, in perhaps an unconcious attempt to take the matter out of my own hands; but quitting (or getting myself fired!) would be foolish at this point. Really, it isn't that bad; it's just that I can think of so many more interesting things I could do with that 20 hours per week. 

I'd love to hear your goals and resolutions!

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Linda Starr said...

happy new year, goal to find a new place to live inexpensively so I can find a studio, then I will have a whole " " load of goals. good luck with your goals.