Thursday, December 3, 2009

Too Many Poozers

"Sometimes you are winners. Sometimes you are losers. We NEVER can win against so many Poozers." Dr. Seuss, I Had Trouble Getting to Solla Sollew.

I ought to change the name of this blog to Whine Mess Pottery; seems like I do more of that than firing lately. I was going to write an entry called "Finally a Firing -- Two in Fact." I spent the day at Watershed yesterday, loading two kilns, a stoneware and a soda. It was dark by the time I got the pilots lit, but I was feeling like one cool Potterchik -- two kilns at one time! 

I called my dog (who looooves Watershed more than anywhere on earth) back from his wanderings, loaded my buckets and towels, climbed in the car and turned the key. Nothing. Not even lights! Bozo the Clown on a stick, what was I gonna do now? Luckily Reeder, the facilities manager, lives on site and was able to jump start my car, but I had to go back on turn off the pilots, as I was not at all sure I'd be able to get back in the morning. 

So. Here I am, forty miles from my loaded kilns. Taking an educated guess, hubby has gone (on foot, in the icy drizzle, as - surprise! the car again won't start) to the auto parts store to get a belt for the alternator. And I am going to set up a tarp over the car, so we can work on it in (relative) comfort. Arrrgh! 

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