Sunday, December 13, 2009

I Guess I Never Learn

Remember last winter when I was all excited about the possibilities of Etsy? Well, I promoted my butt off, re-listed often, endlessly improved my photos and re-wrote my listings and...nothing. I eventually got disgusted and just let all my listings expire, after a particularly nauseating forum thread (a recurring theme, actually) which claimed that if you don't do well on Etsy, it's because you let yourself get discouraged and think negative thoughts. Hello, backwards much? I have since started listing on Etsy again, with a promise to myself that I am only going to give it the level of attention it deserves. Of course, I also promised myself I'd stay out of the forums, but...

I just know I'm gonna regret it, but I opened an Artfire shop, after reading in the Etsy forums that sellers who don't do well on Etsy sometimes find a more welcoming audience on Artfire. I find the Artfire site a little bit clumsy to navigate, and there isn't much chance I'll get sucked into the forums, as I can't find them. 

Don't think I am neglecting the real world, where I actually sell pots sometimes. I am just looking for more exposure, and I happen to have the inventory to do it right now. I won't obsess about it. 



Jessica Cauthon said...

Artfire is still a little clunky when it comes to navigation, but I am loving it a lot more than Etsy. The people in the forums are a LOT nicer, there is a monthly fee instead of an item fee (if you choose to take the paid shop route), and more personal. I haven't had a lot of sales because my shop is small and fairly new, but it'll get there.

Lori Watts said...

Readers can visit Jessica's Artfire page here: