Friday, January 13, 2023

It All Starts with Inventory


As I said in an earlier post (which I published but then accidentally deleted, well done, Lori), I am sort of starting over in 2023. I got very lackadaisical in my studio work over the last couple of years - maybe just hard to gear up again after the pandemic, or maybe just getting older; that's what we are here to discover. I would like to get back to bringing more energy to the business. Actively seeking accounts, making video tutorials, applying for fairs & grants, all that stuff. 

It all starts with inventory. I can't create or respond to opportunities without it, so this month is all about making. 

Yesterday it was plates! I rarely make plates, except as class demos, but I got this set in my mind as sometimes happens, the desire to reify it was quite overwhelming. I put off a bunch of other stuff that I really should be doing, because I knew I wouldn't be able to concentrate until this set of plates was a thing in the world. 

Today I am making jaunty jars, & small bowls, applying for the art fairs I have neglected for the last couple of years, & sending out an organizing email for the Maine Pottery Tour.

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