Saturday, May 8, 2021

Hello 21st Century! I am in you.

Somebody cash-app'd me money for a purchase from the pottery stairs! That was a real thing, that happened. I added Cash App ($FineMessPottery) as an option to pay, because I think some of the money that doesn't find its way back to me is because the buyer just forgets. Cash App, being immediate, fixes that problem. 

Other stuff has happened, too: the pottery tour was an amazing success - we promoted the heck out of it, both paid & earned publicity; but also, I think the social moment contributed a great deal. People have been dying to get out & do things, they have a little stimulus money and some pent up demand, many people in Maine are vaccinated, and it was a mostly outdoor event. Whatever the reason, I and most of the studios who have checked in had more visitors & sales than in previous years - we had more than twice as much in sales as we usually have. We were digging out old dusty boxes of forgotten pots, just to keep the shelves full. 

So that was fun.

There's always a moment right around mid-April (usually right after I get a "But I don't WANNA use dropbox! Why can't you do the extra work?" email) that I think: fuck this, I'm out. This is the last year I am doing this. But then the event happens & it's so fun & it makes me so happy to do well & to see the other studios do well, and by the last day I am thinking, Can't wait til next year! 

This year is that in spades. 

Tomorrow is Mother's Day - my family will be all together for the first time in a year and a half! Burgers & dogs, salad & yogurt parfaits - nothing fancy. Just so happy to have a chance to be together. 

Hope your spring is also going aces. XO


Barbara Rogers said...

So great to hear you all had a successful pottery tour! Congrats. And I know a lot of work was put forth in energy individually and as a group finally coming together again. That sure sounds good to my isolated ears. I saw some delightful pottery at the local Tailgate Market yesterday. Creativity has not been missing just because of a pandemic.

Lori Watts said...

I am pretty introverted but even I am glad to be out & about among people again! If we can get a few more people vaccinated to shut down new variants we can close the door on this difficult chapter - then, bring on the roaring 20s!

Michèle Hastings said...

Congrats on a successful tour! I am with you on dropbox. Our local potters association uses it too. Ugh!!!

We are happily vaccinated now and have enjoyed some time with vaccinated friends. Sadly, we have some family members that are refusing to get the vaccine. Vaccine rates are low in our area and virus spread in our county is higher than many in the state. I just don't get it.

Lori Watts said...

Hi Michèle,
yeah, I don't really get it either, except some people have adopted vaccine refusal as a kind of badge of political identity. Seems dumb to me - the virus does not distinguish between political tribes - but people can get quite stubborn when it comes to things like that.

I hope somebody in charge - somebody way smarter than me - is working on some messaging to de-politicize the whole thing, which never should have been made political in the first place.

I'm glad you got your vax! We have been enjoying seeing friends & family, and going to out eat again.