Saturday, March 20, 2021

Update: Maine Pottery Tour

 As every March (well, except last March!) I am currently in the thick of organizing the Maine Pottery Tour. Though I was a little trepidatious (not a word! but you know what I mean) in January when I made the decision to try go forward with the tour, I am feeling much more confident now. Here in Maine we are now scheduling first shots for 50 year olds & up; in mid-April the vax will become available to any adult who wants one. By the first weekend in May the majority of adults in Maine should have had at least one shot. 

So, happily, I am moving forward. Today the giant box of postcards arrived! 2500 this year. Now to get them sorted & mailed to the various studios on the tour. 

Also happening: we are making arrangements to sponsor programs on Maine Public. The Maine Pottery Tour will have 18 sponsorship spots on Maine Public & Maine Public Classical in the week leading up to the tour. Each spot will read "Sponsored by the Maine Pottery Tour, celebrating ceramic arts in Maine with more than 40 studios around the state, including [Studio Name] in [Town]." This approach lets individual studios sponsor individual spots, get mentioned on the air, and spread the cost around. The exact wordinf may change; it has to come in under 8.5 seconds, and the FCC has arcane rules about what you can & can't say in a sponsorship spot. This should be starting April 25 - listen for it on Maine Public & Maine Public Classical.

The Tour is May 1st & 2nd...just 5 weeks away. Still so much to do, not least of which is, making a lot of pots! Hope to see you there. 


Barbara Rogers said...

So glad to hear you are going to have the tour this year! I hope this means the beginning of sales for potters everywhere again!

Lori Watts said...

Thanks Barbara - I have such a good feeling about this. In Maine, vaccine will be available to any adult who wants one in April. I feel like people will be excited to go out & do things again!

Michèle Hastings said...

Things are definitely looking up, thanks to vaccines! Jeff and I have both had our first shots, despite our "group" not being eligible yet. We heard that we should sign up online with a nearby pharmacy because so many in our county think that the vaccine is dangerous, or will implant them with a chip, therefore they are giving appointments to anyone who will show up. Sure enough, I filled out the form and an hour later had an appointment for the next day.
May your tour be a big success!