Thursday, February 9, 2017

Long Time No Soap

I've heard some people clean their homes, on a snow day. I take the opportunity to make an additional mess.
Soap mess before

I was thinking of firing today, but when it came time to candle I wasn't 100% sure that my Thursday class would be cancelled - which would mean I couldn't fire. Also, I was snug and warm in bed & didn't want to go out in the cold to turn the burners on. 😄

Instead, I dug out my tools and materials and made a batch of soap. It's been a year or so since I had the urge, and I had to concentrate a bit to remember the steps. Just when I had the swirls the way I wanted, the molded gold stars in place....I realized I hadn't added the scent. Nobody wants an unscented soap! Well - dogs do, But that's another recipe.

So, I scooped it all out of the mold, put it back in the crock, added the scent, divided it into two batches, added more colorant, started to make new swirls...and dumped a tub of it all over the
Soap mess after - and a Fine Mess it is, too
counter. I started scooping like mad to get it off the counter before it started to harden, because then cleaning it up would be a nightmare...and in the process smeared it on my arms under the rubber gloves. Lye burns don't suck as bad as you might think, but they don't feel good, either. 😕

I had enough to fill one mold, and half of another. This was fine as the second one was destined to become color inserts in future batches, anyway. The shade of purple is a bit redder than I had in mind; I hope I am remembering correctly that this colorant continues to develop as the lye reaction occurs. It maybe more in the violet range tomorrow morning.

The scent is After the Storm, which is meant to have lighter and darker purple swirls, with some gold mica streaks, but with all the pouring and re-pouring and mixing, who knows what is will be? It'll smell nice, that much I do know, because my whole house smells nice now. I'll have to wait until morning for the rest of my answers.


Unknown said...

Yes I sometimes do clean house when I can't work in the studio. But, I am one of those weirdos that will only buy UNSCENTED soap. Stay warm and I hope you get your kiln fired soon.

Lori Watts said...

When I make a doggie soap (they're pretty, just white with a lace pattern) I'll post it here! Thanks for commenting.