Sunday, February 5, 2017

House Numbers: Mission Accomplished!

A few weeks ago I started a project that has been on my list for over a decade: replacing the address numbers on my house. Finally, the finished result!

I'm delighted with them, although if you look close at the photo you can see the top 1 is broken - I was careless in transporting them green, and that's what happens. I decided to go ahead and use it anyway, because after waiting 10+ years I didn't want to wait another firing cycle. 

The lady at the hardware store where I bough the screws suggested I sell these. An obvious idea, I guess, but not one that I thought of. Whaddaya think, $10 per number, limited selection of colors. four week turnaround...would it be worth suspending my no-custom-orders rule? 


Philadelphia Gardener said...

Why 4 week turn-around and custom orders?

Just make a bunch of the 10 digits (0-9) in a stock color or two and have them to sell on the spot!

Lori Watts said...

Costs money & kiln space to make things I might not sell. That wouldn't matter as much if I weren't pretty sure I could sell pretty much anything else I used that space to fire. And unless I make like 40 digits, there's no way to be sure I would have the numbers in the colors people wanted. And I pretty much WOULD be guaranteed of having some extras - maybe a lot of them.
I could balance this by charging, say, twice as much - gotta build waste into pricing. I'd rather only make to order.