Tuesday, April 30, 2013

What's Coming Up

I have several important dates in rapid-fire in the next few weeks!

  • Tomorrow I am firing my kiln, ^10, with work for Monkitree, On the Main, and Kennebec River Artisans, and some mugs for Phil at Bay View Company. A May Day firing, that's got to be good luck, right? I'm feeling really good about these pieces: I've finally learned that taking my time wiht the glazing is key to getting "wow" instead of "meh." Here's hoping for WOW.
  • Friday Portland Pottery's Annual Teapot Show opens! The image is a teapot which will be in the show, made by my friend Diane Aromando.
    I'll have work in the show, too, as will several of my students.
  • Saturday and Sunday I am teaching a soda firing workshop offered by Portland Pottery at The Watershed Center for Ceramic Arts. This is the first time we've offered this workshop, though I've done a couple of small ones at home. Saturday we'll be glazing and loading, and on Sunday we'll fire the kiln. The workshop is full with 10 participants, but we're hoping to do it again in the fall, if you're interested.
  • On Wednesday we'll unload the firing from the workshop. Pics, or it never happened!
  • Thursday I'm at Cony High School here in Augusta, doing throwing demos. 
  • The Maine Pottery Tour is happening on Saturday & Sunday!!
After that I can perhaps breathe, although in between all that stuff I will be throwing both ^10 and ^6 - I'd like to do another firing of each in May.

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Lori Buff said...

Wow, I'm tired just reading all of this. Good luck with all of it.