Thursday, November 1, 2012

November Goal Setting

I've gotten a bit off course, business-wise, and neglected the First Rule of Aviation: Don't forget to fly the plane. To get back on course, I am re-commencing Monthly Goal Setting, because lately I feel like I am working all the time but never getting much done. Here's what November looks like:
  • Three bisques, two glaze firings
  • Finish my plate order. This seems like it wouldn't be difficult, but between kiln kisses and warping, the plates have been a nightmare, with 2 out of every three being seconds. I'll absolutely fulfill the order - but then I have to revisit pricing, or maybe just not take dinnerware orders. 
  • Contact two new accounts. I've actually been contacted by new stores, but I haven't had the inventory. And why haven't I had the inventory? Because I've only been firing about once a month. I've forgotten MY first rule: inventory drives sales. If I have pots, I am motivated to sell them, and I can respond to opportunities as they arise. 
  • Four new listings on the website. This doesn't sound like much, but online growth has been slow and I am hesitant to commit a lot of work there, as listing online necessarily means pulling work out of real-world inventory. So I build the site slowly and steadily.  
  • Get new kiln shelves! Which reminds me, does anybody know what's going on with Alpha Materials?  They are one of very few places that carry the size of nitride-bonded silicone carbide shelf that works beat in my kiln (18 x 24) but they are one of those "Contact us for pricing!" places. (As an aside, why do so many equipment place do that? Do prices really change that fast, that you can't just list the price on the website? Imagine if we did that on our websites and Etsy pages: Contact the potter to find out how much this mug is! Annoying.) They haven't responded to 2 emails and two phone calls (over about a year) but the phone number still works and the answer message identifies as Alpha Materials. So, what's up?
Luckily I have enough work for a bisque firing soon - maybe Sunday.


-Rob, Simple Circle Studios said...

Good list! That is something I need to start doing. I often fall into the trap of working a lot but getting little done.

Quietly Otaku said...

Good luck! I often find the best way to stay focused is to generate a huge number of lists!

- Cindy - said...

List and goals are great!

I wonder about selling online. If one sells in person, how does one also maintain/promote an online listing in a business like ours? Some potters opt not to sell online at it works for them. I've also seen potters do great online. Does that mean some potters are better off not doing it or are those who don't hurting their sales?

Based on my limited knowledge (this post). listing pots online may not be the best priority for you right now. I say this because it sounds like you don't have enough work to fill the in person opportunities that you have. Just a thought...