Sunday, October 28, 2012

What's New in the Studio

I've got cake stands drying; these are the ones I made with the quarter trick last week. So far, so good: no cracking or warping [knocks wood.]

And I've got serving baskets, a couple of which morphed into colanders:

Aaaaand, my newest shape: stoneware steamers!

They work (I hope they work!!) Like bamboo steamers: put them on the rim of a cook pot of water, and boil the water. The steam is forced up into the lidded piece, and the vegetables therein cook. Each piece also has an underplate, so the steamer doubles as a serving dish. I got the idea using my bamboo steamer and wishing it looked nicer and didn't have that funny smell.

It seems like it should work: steaming is not like putting a piece right on a burner, and if you put the steamer over the water and then bring it to a boil...well, I'll say again: it seems like it should work. In any case I can't wait to take one of them for a test drive!


Newfoundout Potter said...

Hi - we used to make those in the 1970's and I started making them again. They work really well, but you do need lots of holes and the holes need to be large - I cut them out with the end of a McDonald's drinking straw - they have a larger diameter than regular straws. I made one with smaller holes and it took a long time to steam up. My favorite is broccoli florets topped with sliced mushrooms and grated carrots layered and steamed together.

Lori Watts said...

I was sort of thinking the holes in the lid would create draw to bring the steam up into the pot? Like some kilns have a "spy"in the arch to draw the flame upward.
I can see why it would take a while without the top holes...I guess I'll find out soon enough.

- Cindy - said...

I love the steamer idea! I love my bamboo steamer, but a dishwasher safe ceramic one would be awesome.