Saturday, June 18, 2011

Weather Break

Because I hate to stay inside during our beautiful Maine summer, Doug and I set up a glazing area in the kiln yard this morning. This has the added advantage of efficiency; this way I don't have to carry all the pots upstairs, glaze them, then bring them all back down to load. I do have the summer studio that I could use for this purpose but quarters are a bit cramped, and it serves as staging area for the firings.

Of course, the disadvantage of outdoor glazing just made itself apparent:

An enormous thunderstorm just blew itself up out of nowhere, ending my glazing for the day. But no worries! I had a tarpaulin right handy that I tugged over the pots, and I am now snugly indoors with a cat on my lap. I did have to take a moment to fish Red out of his pond, as it was looking like hail, and I didn't want him to get bonked on the head.

This is actually a pretty convenient storm, as I was getting a little tired of glazing, anyway; I have berry bowls I could trim but they are too wet. So now it the perfect time to set up my new computer!! As always, "new" is a relative term. No restrictions apply. This is a used eMas that I got online from a place called Megamacs, which I can't recommend highly enough. It'll be a huge upgrade from my current machine, which is bare step above a slate tablet and a chunk of calcium carbonate.
So. Hopefully the next time you hear from me, I'll be typing from a sleeker, newer machine; one with a processor which will allow, among other things, video! I have big plans for video demos in future.
I'll have to get a lipstick.

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