Saturday, January 30, 2021

Let's Try This Again: Maine Pottery Tour 2021


It always seems too early to think about it, until suddenly it's way late. In two days it will be February, and I have started putting together the Maine Pottery Tour. I am well aware - well aware, thank you very much! - that like last year the pandemic may cause its cancellation, but I am cautiously optimistic for May 1 & 2. 

I started putting out feelers last week, and got a good response! Not everyone has replied, but so far only two "no" responses. It looks like the tour will have about 40 stops this year. I'm encouraging studios to hold their events outside as much as possible this year, because pandemic. Mine is always outside anyway. 

If you are a potter in Maine & you'd like more information about the pottery tour, give me a shout at info[at]

Looking forward to a great year. 


Michèle Hastings said...

Our local potters organization has a Spring tour at the end of April. We had to commit this month. We decided to take a pass this year. The group usually does an indoor show in November, which became a studio tour instead. We participated and it was very stressful. We had about 100 people come through our studio. People ignored our "occupancy limit" sign and we had to tell them to go wait outside. Others had their masks under their nose. I agree that outside is safer. We could do that but decided it wasn't worth the stress. Sadly, the residents of the area I live in think masks are infringing their rights. :-(

Lori Watts said...

I worry about stuff like this ALL the time! The case numbers are dropping sharply here in Maine, but the vaccine distribution is only slowly accelerating. So while I have reason to hope things will be safe enough in May, it could easily go the other way as well.

Though most Maine folks are respecters of science, there are dipshits in any population, so, one more thing to worry about.